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Staff Profile: Rudra Sanyal




What is your job role?

I work as an administrator for St Thomas Centre - I provide administrative duties and support the staff here to deliver a good experience for our guests..

How long have you worked here?

I have worked here since December 2021.

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The history of Ardwick and St Thomas Centre




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Staff Profile: Tanya Coutts




What is your job role?

I have management responsibility for the St Thomas Centre. I report back to the GMCVO board on strategic areas and deal with the budgets and manage the finances.
How long have you worked here?

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Tips for a successful event

Organising events can be a stressful process. We have seen events that run like clockwork and events that have been problematic at every turn. Based upon our experience, here are our top ten tips for a smooth and succesful event.

1. Set timescales and budget

Give yourself enough time to plan and secure all your requirements and to promote your event. A small event may only need a month or two but a large event could require up to 6 months lead time.


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