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Staff Profile: Darren Alwyn




What is your job role? 

Facilities Building Officer

How long have you worked here? 
Have been in the building since 1998 (Manchester City Council) and worked for GMCVO since 2001.'s picture

The history of Ardwick and St Thomas Centre




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Staff Profile: Tanya Coutts




What is your job role?

I have management responsibility for the St Thomas Centre. I report back to the GMCVO board on strategic areas and deal with the budgets and manage the finances.
How long have you worked here?

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Tips for a successful event

Organising events can be a stressful process. We have seen events that run like clockwork and events that have been problematic at every turn. Based upon our experience, here are our top ten tips for a smooth and succesful event.

1. Set timescales and budget

Give yourself enough time to plan and secure all your requirements and to promote your event. A small event may only need a month or two but a large event could require up to 6 months lead time.


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