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What is your job role?

I have management responsibility for the St Thomas Centre. I report back to the GMCVO board on strategic areas and deal with the budgets and manage the finances.
How long have you worked here?

14 years

How did you get into this role?
I actually came to GMCVO as Operations Manager & eventually my role expanded to cover St Thomas Centre. I had previously been on the other end of running events so I know what people expect when coming here, it’s a great job to have, essentially making people’s day.

What did you do before?

Prior to joining GMCVO I worked for another charity called MCIN as project manager, before that I worked for Oldham Libraries which I absolutely loved, it was mainly the people really.  When my children were young I managed a transport office in the evenings (great way to get out of making the tea)!

What do you like most about your job?
I love it when St Thomas Centre is busy and the variety of work, customers going away from our centre having had a great experience and coming back again. Every day is different here and that’s great. I also work with a great team who are really happy to get stuck in with anything required.

What are your hobbies?
I love football, Manchester City are my team, although I don’t go that often I watch everything about them. I also enjoy spinning (that’s the silly thing on a bike where you don’t go anywhere), eating out and I enjoy the odd (okay more than odd) tipple.

What is your favourite film/band/food?
Film; Shawshank redemption, Morgan Freeman was absolutely brilliant in it.
Band; There’s loads and I tend to go with whatever is current to be honest, if I had to pick one that brings back memories of times gone by it would be Prince (or squiggle) as he was later know, I’ve seen him quite a few times and he was a great showman. It was such a shame we lost him so young
Food; Indian food, any kind but it has to be spicy and hot (not a Korma – that’s just not right in my opinion) I could honestly eat it every day!!!!

Do you own pets?
No, my children think I was extremely mean when they were young as I let them have fish which they had to keep in their Grandma and Grandad’s pond – terrible mother!


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